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Atkins Diet Carbs: New Atkins vs. Old Atkins

A trio of American doctors had done studies on the old Atkins diet and has come up with a healthier and easier, yet effective version of New Atkins diet.  Instead of insisting on the consumption of high protein meat, poultry, seafood and high fat oil, New Atkins Diet allows dieters to enjoy more high fiber vegetables, berries, potatoes, etc.

New Atkins Diet Carbs Focuses on 'Net Carbs'

The new Atkins emphasizes on the daily intake of 'net carbs', instead of the total carb intakes as in the old Atkins.  The Ďnet carbí, also known as digestible or impact carbs, is calculated by deducting dietary fiber (in grams) from the total carbs taken (in grams).  Fiber is an indigestible carb, and thus it doesnít have impact on the blood sugar levels. For example, a cup of cooked green beans may have only 5.8g in net carb, compared to 9.8g of total carb, as the dietary fiber has taken up 4.0g. Therefore, with the new Atkins, dieters can consume more healthy carbohydrates and still continue to lose weight.

The basic Atkins' principles (i.e. protein with every meal, restricted carb and no sugar) still apply to this new diet, the difference is the amount allowed.  Old Atkins doesnít restrict the amount of protein taken but new Atkins only recommends a maximum of 6 oz for each meal (8 oz for tall men).  Vegetables are allowed in the induction phase of the new version, and the amount is so much that even vegetarians dieters have no problem following it.  Nuts, legumes, berries and even alcohol can be added back to the menu when going into Phase 2, after the 14-day induction phase.  Wholegrain products, such as bread, rice and even pasta are back on the menu in Phase 3, once you get within 10 pounds of your goal weight. Coffee which was banned in old Atkins is allowed in moderation as research shows that moderate caffeine intake is good for long-term health as it contains various antioxidants and fat-burning properties.  Many dieters complain about headaches, dizziness, weakness, fatigue and constipation during the initial stage of the diet due to dramatic shift in fluid and salt, which is the result of low-carb diet. New Atkins advises dieters to include at least 1/2 tsp of salt or 2 tbsp of soy sauce a day to keep up the salt level and also drinking a lot of water.

For dieters with less than 14 pounds or 6.4kg to lose, the new Atkins allows them to skip the first phase and go directly into the Phase 2 which offers a wider choice of food. However, for dieters over the age of 50 or those having problem in maintaining their weight, spending longer on the induction phase is encouraged. When the targeted weight is achieved, dieters can follow a self-tailored maintenance plan and adjust their long-term eating habits accordingly. Reintroducing of carbohydrates into diet should be done slowly, one at a time and follow a specific order, to the ceiling of 95g of net carbs per day, without putting on weight. Any carbohydrates source that triggers craving or affecting the weight should be avoided.  The suggested order of introducing starts with leafy greens low carb vegetables, followed by high fat low carb cream and hard cheese, nuts and seeds (but not chestnuts), berries and melon (but not watermelon), whole milk yogurt and cottage cheese, legumes, vegetable juice, fresh fruits and higher-carb vegetables and finally whole grains products.

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