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A Diet Plan for Weight Loss
Atkins Diet Plan:
                  Foods, Recipes and Menu



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Atkins Diet Food List - What You Can Eat?

The food list that is approved by the Atkins diet plan consists of all meats, cheeses and eggs. Nuts are included in the list. Once a dieter has dieted one to two weeks on pure protein, then non-starchy vegetables are introduced to the list.

Meat: The meats that are available to Atkins dieters includes beef, pork, chicken and fish. Meats may be cooked in any way except with sweet sauces or creams.

Cheese: Cheese includes all hard cheeses and cottage cheese. Processed cheese slices and cheese in a can may have sugar in it so check the label. You should also be wary of the infamous velveteen rubber cheese in the yellow box as it may include carbs and sugar in its formation. Milk is reintroduced at a later stage as it contains sugars.

Egg: Eggs are a staple in the Atkins diet. Eggs eaten in any form may be included: fried, scrambled, boiled, poached and baked.

The body requires fat to be consumed for continuation of cell development and brain power. The Atkins dieter does not miss the taste of rich foods as real butter and real cream is used – again high in fat, low in carbs and no sugars.

After a one to three week start-up, the foods that are re-introduced to the diet are leafy green vegetables like lettuce, green pepper and kale. Consumption of at least 8 glasses of water per day is necessary. All corn, potatoes, bread and pasta are avoided.


Foundation of the USDA Food Pyramid is the food rich in carbohydrates, recommended six to eleven servings of carbohydrates daily like Bread, Cereals, Rice and Pasta. Therefore, it is much different from Atkins food pyramid plan. Just opposite the traditional food pyramid, the Atkins pyramid stresses on protein sources  such as poultry, beef, fish, pork, and soy products.

According to Dr. Vernon, who is also vice president of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians: “Armed with a better understanding of the health risks associated with uncontrolled consumption of certain carbohydrates, particularly white flour and added sugars, it is clear that Dr. Atkins’ long time goal of increasing carbohydrate awareness will go a long way toward improving the health and well-being of Americans.”

Atkins Diet doesn’t set limits for intake-counts or calorie-count, but it restricts food types. For example, you cannot eat refined sugar or foods made with white flour like cake or pasta, but you can eat much red meat, fish (including shellfish), fowl, and regular cheese. 

Dieters or followers of the Atkins should know the rate of metabolism and lifestyle of people are different therefore everyone has to be flexible in choosing the right proportion of food in accordance to the Atkins food pyramid. The consumption and the type of food items can be increased if the dieter is doing more physical activity.

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